North Lakes Cleaning Services, Owner

Knowledgeable, skilled, and delightful!
I couldn’t be happier with the work and service April Ellis provides! Over the past years, I went through two other bookkeepers but had continual issues with poor communication, books not being in order, inability to get accurate state of finances, and missed deadlines. April is my 3rd – and final bookkeeper! As a small business owner working to grow my business, I needed a bookkeeper I could trust to keep everything up-to-date and keep me informed. I found this – and more – with April! She is incredibly skilled and has gotten our books in order after being near shambles. I appreciate the way the April has taken the time to train us on the proper way to use QB – she is very thorough and patient, and answers all of our questions. April brings her previous business and work expertise with her which only increases the knowledgeable resources and helpful information she provides. It is apparent she has my best interest at heart. I cannot express how truly helpful April has been as well as being a complete blessing in my life!