JLS Bookkeeping Plus, LLC, Owner

April has been nothing short of amazing not only in her work ethic but with her sharing of knowledge with regard to QuickBooks Online. I too am a bookkeeper and for years have worked with QuickBooks Desktop products. I was asked to help a friend with her QuickBooks Online and found a new technology which made me feel inept at what I thought I knew forwards and back. I met April at a Woodard Meetup, so I reached out to her. In response she asked a few questions and then scheduled a meeting. Our meeting was an eye opener for me. April showed me tools, reports, split screens, etc. that I did not know could be had in that system. She made it look easy and accessible. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for a product many bookkeepers shy away from. April is calm, clear and concise. She’s worked hard to get where she is and continues to broaden her knowledge of solutions to problems brought to her arena. She knows her stuff and I would recommend her services to anyone.