Hometown Hockey Minnesota, LLC, Administration Director

April has been a lifesaver for me! I run a small business and had no accounting or QuickBooks experience. I had been “winging” it for a while and my books got out of hand. I wasn’t sure how to move forward which is why I contacted April. In the past few months, April has helped me to not only sort out my mess, but she set up a new system for me and trained me in on how to use it. She showed me ways to track my sales, etc. so that I am now able to run profit/loss reports which make sense to both me and my partners. She has taught me so much about QuickBooks that I would have never learned on my own or even in a classroom setting. The one on one time to ask questions and really delve into my business’s personal situation has been invaluable. I highly recommend April to anyone that is looking for help with QuickBooks, she is very knowledgeable and also very pleasant to work with.